freakonomics radio podcast


Freakonomics Radio is based on the book Freakonomics, which explores the hidden side of everything.  It is hosted by Stephen Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics.  With unique topics and guests, this podcast is interesting and engaging. It’s a weekly podcast and each episode runs about an hour.  Be sure to subscribe wherever you consume your podcasts.


npr planet money podcast

Planet Money

NPR’s Planet Money is a weekly podcast and each episode is about 15-30 min.  The content and topics are typically current economic issues, but their take is much more intriguing than just a traditional news show.  A great listen while on a run or in your morning commute.


dave ramsey show

Dave Ramsey

“Better than I deserve,” is Dave Ramsey’s catch phrase when listeners call in and ask how he’s doing.  Dave Ramsey is a financial phenom.  He has many years of experience helping individuals get out of debt, invest for retirement, build a solid business, and become financially free.  You can learn a lot from his hour long weekly podcasts.  Subscribe today.


motley fool money podcast

Motley Fool Money

From the guys over at The Motley Fool, this weekly podcast is a great dose of current economic and investment stories from the Fool’s point of view.  Their unique take on the markets and investing is both insightful and humorous. They run about an hour depending upon the episode, so its a concise weekly market take that can be consumed on your daily commute.  Be sure to give it a listen and subscribe today.


bigger pockets podcast

Bigger Pockets

The guys at Bigger Pockets are known for their real estate investing prowess. They have written a bookshelf worth of books that are a must read for anyone interested in real estate investing.  Their podcast run about 60-90 min on a weekly basis have a laid back casual feel but are chock full of real estate investing gems.  Their unique take is educational and a must for anyone, wherever you may find yourself on the real estate investing continuum.  Check it out today, you will not be disappointed.


radical personal finance

Radical Personal Finance

Radical Personal Finance is hosted by Joshua Sheats.  He is a great guide on your path to financial freedom. He has many years of experience as a professional financial advisor and knows what works and what doesn’t. He shares proven strategies, tools, and tactics that you need to achieve your goals more quickly and more efficiently. No matter where you’re starting, he can help you clarify what financial freedom means to you, give insights on the construction of a comprehensive financial plan, and show you how to work the plan until you’re free.  He has a couple podcasts every week that vary in length, between 15-90 minutes.  Be sure to subscribe now.


multiply your business podcast

Multiply your Business Podcast

This podcast is hosted by my good friend, Scott Morrison.  He covers a ton of business topics from branding to email marketing to public speaking.  The episodes are between 30-60 minutes and are released a couple times per month.  This is a great podcast for anyone who is looking to start a business, run a business and succeed in business.  Be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss out on any of the insights Scott and his guests provide.  I urge you to get in on these podcasts as soon as possible, you will not be sorry.